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In order to facilitate the use of the database from the Solar Thermal Market Stimulation Programme through our information portal, please find beneath some explanations of the most important terms. If you still have problems or questions concerning the Biomasseatlas, please contact us.


A query in Biomasseatlas designates a transaction allowing to recall individually compiled data from the Market Stimulation Programme. Queries in the demonstration mode as well as in the basic version are free of charge. In the professional version, a fee has to be paid for each query. You can choose between two modes of accounting of fees:

  1. In the 'pay per view' mode, a fee is charged for each query, but no registration fee has to be paid.
  2. In the 'flat rate' mode all queries are included in a flat rate paid once a year.

Data research

As soon as you are logged in at Biomasseatlas.de you can start with the data research. You can access the menu item at the right side of the navigation bar. See also 'query'.

Data presentation

At the end of your search, you have different possibilities of displaying the analysed data. The choice of the data presentation (e.g. different charts) can be effected in step 4. In the navigation bar on the right you can verify which step you have already reached. In addition, in the framework of the data presentation, you can generate a .csv document and download it to your computer for further use.


For testing the portal, we have created a demo version for you, giving you access to a restricted range of marked data (regional restriction to the postal codes 79098-79117 of the city of Freiburg). You can access the demo version with the help of the horizontal navigation bar on the top right side of the homepage.

Flat rate

A flat rate is a sum paid once a year for the use of 'Biomasseatlas Professional'. Users of Biomasseatlas.de having booked the flatrate have unrestricted access to the data of the information portal.


Some parts of the portal Biomasseatlas.de can only be accessed after being logged in. With your personal user name and the corresponding password you get access to the database.  

Pay per view

The payment for single queries when using the 'Biomasseatlas Professional' is called pay per view. After having entered the details of your query, the system is calculating the price, composed of the number of data records released (and not anonymised with a *). The price is indicated before the data is displayed and has to be confirmed if you would like to access the results of your search.

Saving of queries

In your personal login area you have the possibility to save your queries for later use. You can opt for this function at the end of your search. Saved queries can be automatically ranged by name and date. Of course it is possible to delete queries that you do not need anymore at any time.